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Bill provided a unique perspective on things and is clearly highly experienced with both broad and deep knowledge on leadership and the tailored self-coaching guides Bill produces to support his coaching sessions are an excellent resource.

Tanya G,
Workforce Capability

The coaching sessions I had with Bill were good, frank and honest for becoming a more self-aware and better leader. He showed me several new tools to work on the business and my teams and I gained a greater insight into how my workplace sees me as a leader.

Brett M,
Department of Housing

Coaching with Bill was a very positive experience – I learnt different approaches to leading and managing others and there was plenty of opportunity to practise in a safe environment. Bill was approachable with an easy-going style and knows his subject matter!

Anna B,
Queensland Health Department

Bill reads what’s going on with you and adapts the coaching agenda as necessary. He lead me on very beneficial discussions and provided easy useful tools and practical skills to apply. I learnt a lot about true leadership and myself as a person and leader.

Kev S,
Housing Manager
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