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Tamara R

As a relatively new leader, it was good to learn tools and tips to make me a better leader. An expert in his field, Bill used a variety of ways to explain things to make it a good learning experience and I easily implemented some of my try-out actions with my team.

Mandy M

The coaching touched on a variety of aspects I felt I hadn’t necessarily considered in my leadership style and journey so far. I learned a lot about myself – especially how emotional intelligence and connectivity is so important for leadership.

Craig D

I enjoyed the coaching sessions, even when they took me out of my comfort zone. Bill provided a lot of very useful tools and information that I can use now and in the future. I took something away from every session.

Jeremy S

The coaching sessions I’ve done with Bill were relevant and geared to my particular workplace challenges. They were engaging and provided a mechanism for conversation and sharing that has been refreshing. The tools I learned are now part of my everyday approach.

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