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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want do leadership coaching?

Forward-thinking leaders increasingly see coaching as an essential adjunct for building their leadership capability and achieving long-lasting development outcomes.


Whatever changes you’re dealing with – big or small, individual or team-based – most people find it hard to change on their own. They need to be supported, guided and facilitated. In other words, they need to be coached.


Everyone can benefit from having a coach – a supportive, sounding board to help you help yourself learn to lead more effectively – with calm, poise, balance, judgement and integrity.


Read more about this online { link to wherever we put info from Item 1 of Prospectus } or download our Coaching Prospectus { link to Prospectus }

What is the difference between life-coaching and the coaching you offer?

Life-coaching is more about helping you deal with challenges in your personal life and relationships, past experiences, habits, family issues, and so on.

Leadership coaching is a strategy for your professional development. It’s a powerful, personalised way to ensure learning you do about leadership and work is retained, acted on and applied in real work-time. Numerous studies substantiate its superiority over traditional training strategies to help you get long-lasting results that matter.

What can coaching help me with?

Essentially, coaching – either individually or as part of a small group – provides an opportunity for you to engage in a series of in-depth conversations that explore challenges you face in your leadership role and aim to establish some personal improvement goals and try-out actions to help you move closer towards where you imagine yourself being. 

What is your coaching approach like – and will it suit me?
What happens inside a typical coaching session?
How many coaching sessions do I need to do?
Is there a set number of sessions I need to do with you?
What can I expect from my first session?
What do I need to do to make coaching work?
How can I tell if coaching is working for me?
Can I still go to workshops if I am doing a coaching program?
Can I do coaching with a small group or team?
I need a quote. Whom do I contact?
How do I pay and what payment methods do you accept?
Do you offer an ongoing subscription or membership?
I'm having difficulties with payment, who do I contact?
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