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A personal Welcome...

Hi, Bill Cropper here – The Change Forum’s Founding Director, Principal Consultant and Leadership Coach. Over the last 30 years, I’ve accumulated a wealth of practical leadership learning and coaching experience working with individual leaders, organisations and teams on strategic workplace change, culture revitalisation, leader capacity-building and team development projects with people at all levels in a diverse range of settings.

Hi! I’m Bill – and you’re probably wondering what to expect if you choose to engage me as a coach. So for starters, here’s what I think coaching is about…

Whether its one-one-one or group-based, coaching is a conversation I’ll have with you about learning leadership, about the challenges you face in your role – both personally, professionally and operationally and about helping you to formulate improvement goals and try-out actions for yourself (and your team) that moves you closer towards where you imagine yourself being.

As you gather from that last bit, I think having a personal vision of what can be better or different is absolutely fundamental – as is the concept of voluntarism. You can’t forge a very productive coaching relationship with someone who doesn’t want to be coached. Here’s some ideas about what will happen though if you do want to be…

We’d need to meet first and have a preliminary chat about your goals and what you expect out of the coaching relationship. This might change later as new information or perspectives emerge but whatever the specifics, coaching in a work context needs to be outcomes-based and have clear linkages to real management improvement priorities to ensure that what’s learned is used in real work time and that you try-out actual improvements as we work through coaching sessions together. 

From this, you now know that I think coaching is action-orientated, aiming to reform long-learned habits of thinking, doing and acting in certain ways. None of this by the way means that what you’re doing now is necessarily falling short. But you are now leading in the midst of times of terrific change that can be for some exhilarating and for others frightening. And change calls for new way of thinking, new roles and new approaches to leading and managing. I also don’t believe coaching should be used for ‘performance management’ or ‘correction’ – there are different processes for that. Nor is it about ‘giving you answers’. 

While I do have in-depth knowledge of different coaching strategies, subject-matter expertise and experience in leadership, change, relationship management and many other facets of organisational life and can show you how to use a variety of tools and techniques that may help you with your specific coaching improvement goals, most times I reckon you know the answers.  My role is more to help you clarify your own thinking about where to find them and ‘try out some new moves’. 

From my point of view, coaching is ‘cognitive’ – it’s more about positively challenging some of your own thinking and asking the right questions rather than providing you with answers. On the other hand, I’m also not averse to exploring options and giving ideas and advice when its asked for or needed. But the changing is still up to you! 

After the first meeting, you may well decide you can’t work with me. That’s OK. There are different styles of working together and one coach can’t suit all people. If you do decide to go further, then we’ll draw up a coaching schedule for a block of sessions. Over that time, I’ll be taking a collaborative, ‘minds-on’ approach where you control the pace/content within agreed limits and I work at empowering you to set coaching goals/outcomes that have personal meaning for you first and foremost. 

I hope we’ll develop the idea of coaching into more of a learning partnership…

Looking forward to working with you…

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“When I look back on my many years as a consultant, facilitator and coach, I recognise that so much of what I’ve learned myself comes not just from my own practical experiences, but also, more importantly, from those I’ve worked with who’ve taught me so many valuable lessons about people, life and working well together…”
Bill Cropper on Coaching Leaders

Why engage me as your Coach?

Over 20 Years Experience

something here about my experience over the last 20 years, how I have acquired it and what my skills are because of it

Down-to-earth, Outgoing and Open Coaching Style

Something here about this and why it means you should work with me – capable of working with an array of different levels and can adapt to make you more comfortable or something to ensure you are getting the most out of it?

On-going Passion for Learning-Centred Leadership

…and team-based approaches to ‘living-at-work’ work, I’m a keen student interested in the benefits of emotional intelligence, mindfulness and conversational coaching to promote more connective workplace cultures, more productive, open interchanges and facilitate personal growth and change mastery

Bill's Story

In recent years, I’ve been focussing more particularly on emotional intelligence and mindfulness skills, providing individual and team-based coaching in a range of different contexts – executive and leadership coaching, change management and team coaching, conversational coaching, self-development, performance improvement coaching, and coaching for personal and emotional mastery – as well as helping people develop their own coaching skills to take on a more facilitative, coaching style of leadership. I’m also an experienced and prolific writer and I’ve produced numerous self-coaching guides, toolkits and workbooks to support work-based learning, leadership and team development and guide organisations through change

With a background amounting to well over 25 years in change management consulting, I’ve built up a good bit of experience facilitating, mentoring and coaching leaders and teams. 

I’m known to be quite down-to-earth with a relaxed, open and outgoing style and am comfortable working with people from diverse backgrounds, cultures and levels – senior executives, operational managers, professional staff, technical staff, health workers, outdoor workers, indigenous communities, multi-cultural backgrounds,  other consultants and so on.

I’m an advocate of participative, team-based work and learning-centred leadership as keys to sustaining change and creating successful business futures. Coaching leaders and often, teams, has been an inevitable feature of many of my consulting assignments, with learning design and skills transfer a fundamental strategy for strengthening the capacity of learning communities to be more self-reliant in managing their own change processes.

I’ve been a preferred learning consultant and leadership coach for numerous public sector agencies over the years, at federal, state and local levels, community organisations and schools – providing facilitation, coaching and culture change services to senior executives, managers, facilitators, change agents, leaders, teachers and work teams around virtually every aspect of organisational change, culture renewal, team development, communication and relationship-building and, more recently, workplace wellbeing.

Change Consultant, Learning Facilitator, Mentor and Leadership Coach

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