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...So You're Thinking About Coaching?

Hi! Bill Cropper here – welcome… I imagine you’re visiting this site to find out about what I offer as a leadership coach.  In essence, I work with you one-on-one (or as a small group) in-person, by phone or video-chat to help you address challenges you face in your role as a leader – personally, professionally and operationally. I see coaching as a protracted conversation where we discuss specific issues and areas you want to work on and I help you formulate improvement goals and try-out actions for yourself (and your team) that move you closer towards where you imagine yourself being as a leader… 

A few typical Coaching Challenges leaders seek help with...

Help people Change

How can I get more adept at leading change and get others on-board?

Improve Teamworking

How can I build a more cohesive team that works well together?

Be More Focused

How can I be more present, attentive and mindful of what I say and do?

Confront Dissension

How can I handle difficult situations in more emotionally intelligent ways?

Handle Stress Better

How can I handle work-stress and tension in a more balanced way?

Be a Better Leader

How can I improve my management practices to get better results?

Heal Team Culture

Resolve relationship issues and adverse behaviours in my team?

Coach or Mentor... I help you achieve your leader goals

Review this site or download our Coaching Prospectus for pointers to consider & ways I can help…

Committed To Helping Our Clients Succeed

Why work with Bill?

Committed to helping you Succeed

Coaching is about supporting you – personally – to become a more effective, respected, valued leader so our time together is all about you…

Extensive Experience

A long consulting history providing facilitating, coaching and mentoring support to build leadership capacity from executive to emerging leader levels

Flexible, Versatile, Respected

Participants tell us they particularly appreciate Bill’s relaxed, down-to-earth style and willingness to be flexible and responsive, adapting to needs as they arise

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Multiple Package Options

At the Change Forum, we understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to personal and professional development. To ensure we cater to a range of leadership levels, we can suggest a variety of coaching formats to suit you and your needs on your journey to becoming a better coach and leader – both shorter and longer-term. 

I’ve put together some suggested coaching plans to give you an idea of possibilities, but we’ll shape a plan to suit you once we’ve had our first free consultation to talk about how I can best help you personally with coaching support.

Meet with me to discuss your leadership challenges and how I can provide support

Your First Consultation Free!

Change Consultant, Learning Facilitator, Mentor and Leadership Coach

What my Coaching Clients Say...

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